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吉田孟/ Hajime Yoshida

 1984年生まれ千葉県市川市出身。幼いころからバイオリンのレッスンなどを受けつつ音楽を身近に感じながら育つ。そして中学の時にギターのクラスがあったことがきっかけとなり、14歳の時に初めて自分のギターを手にする。高校在学中は本京也、加藤洋一ら都内のスタジオ・ミュージシャンに師事。ギターを始めて間もないころからから作曲活動に励み、自身のバンドを率いて関東近辺のライブハウスで活動する。 高校卒業後、彼の更なる向上心ゆえに渡米を決意、2003年からノーステキサス大学にてジャズギターを専攻する。ノース・テキサス在学中、Jay Saunders率いるThree O’clock Lab Bandにて演奏する機会をもらう。在学中からテキサスの優れたジャズ・シーンの一つであるダラス・フォートワース地域で積極的に活動し、2009年夏に活動拠点をニューヨークに移すとともにクイーンズ大学院で更にジャズ科を専攻する。在学中はFred Hamilton、Ari Hoenig、Gilad Hekselman、Jonathan Kreisberg、Johannes Weidenmeuller、Antonio Hart、Jeb Patton、David Berkmanらに師事。


ニューヨークにて積極的にサイドマンとして活躍する傍ら、2012年夏、テナーサックスにSylvester Onyejiaka、ベースに 但野友香、そして小川慶太をドラムに迎え、全曲オリジナル楽曲による自身の初リーダー作Unlimitation”をアーマードレコードより発表。

共演者にはMichael League, Cory Henry, Jay Jennings、Shelly Carroll、Darrel Greenなど。


 Originally hailing from Ichikawa, Japan, Jazz Guitarist, Hajime Yoshida is one of the most sophisticated guitarists, accompanists and composers in New York City.

Hajime was fascinated by music at a very young age; he had been taking violin lessons from local professionals and had chances to perform recitals before he started playing guitar.

The very first time he touched a guitar was a part of music class in middle school, and his parents gave him his first guitar at the age of 14. 1 year later, he started taking lessons from professional guitar players in Tokyo area. Hajime also started his career as a composer at the same time, and it did not take much time for him to start playing original compositions at venues with his band.

Hajime’s strong passion to music and interest to new sounds led him to United States when he was 18 years old. He started his bachelor’s degree in Jazz Performance at the University of North Texas in 2003; while he was studying at the school, he had a fortunate to play with 3 O’Clock Lab Bad directed by Jay Saunders. Hajime started to be one of the sought-after guitarists in Dallas/ Ft. Worth area music scene before he graduate the school.

In the summer of 2009, him and his musician friends decided to move to New York, drove a moving truck to Brooklyn, NY. After he moved, he has completed a master’s degree at Queens College in the summer of 2011. While he was at school, he studied with; Fred Hamilton, Ari Hoenig, Gilad Hekselman, Jonathan Kreisberg, Johannes Weidenmueller, Antonio Hart, Jeb Patton, and David Berkman.

While he has been very active as a sideman in New York City, he released his debut CD including all original compositions, “Unlimitation” with Sylvester Onyejiaka on sax, Yuka Tadano on bass and Keita Ogawa on drums in May 2012. Not only he is one of the sought-after guitarists in the city, but also has he been trying and searching very hard for new sounds as a composer.